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Can I Get an Emotional Tune-up?
Can I transform into a new me?

Yes, you can.


By using powerful quantum reprogramming techniques

Hemant Gupta, Ph.D.

Table of Contents

CD 1 - Can I Reprogram My life?
Quantum Re-programming to heal your Body Mind and Spirit
CD 2 - Get an Emotional Tune-up I
De-programming the OLD
CD 3 - Exercise Beginner
Level I De-programming
CD 4 - Exercise Intermediate
Level II De-programming
CD 5 - Exercise Advanced
Level III De-programming
CD 6 - Get an Emotional Tune-Up II
Quantum reprogramming the New
Exercise beginner,
Level I, simple IMPRINT
CD 7 - Get an Emotional Tune-Up II
Quantum reprogramming the New
Exercise Advanced
Level II, Quantum IMPRINT

CD - 1: Can I reprogram my Life?
Quantum reprogramming of Body Mind and Spirit

Hi there, I'm Hemant Gupta, and I will be your guide to help you bring about a positive, wonderful, hopefully life long change in your body mind and spirit using a set of powerful techniques that I call "Quantum Reprogramming" of body mind and spirit. These techniques will allow you to connect with the basic core of your being and deprogram undesirable habits, limiting beliefs that are inhibiting your success and well being and reprogram your self from the core into new habits programs that will bring you success, joy and prosperity.

First let me explain to you "Why do we need to reprogram our body, mind and spirit?"

The simple answer is that we are not perfect, neither as individuals nor as a society. As a result we are often in poor physical and emotional health, don't have enough money and stuck in unproductive, unfulfilling jobs and relationships. Our dreams are on hold and more often than not we are frustrated, angry, sick, in-pain and complaining about unfulfilled desires.

As life happens to most of us, we make choices and end up with habits, behaviors, physical, mental or even medical conditions that we rather would not have. In her last episode, Opera Winfrey shared with her viewers the extract of her wisdom after interviewing thousands of guests in her show for 25 years. She said that one thread common among all of them was the programming of "lack of worthiness for their own selves". Many such programs occupy space in our rational and emotional mind. Most of us know once our body, mind and spirit is programmed into certain habitual routines, they are hard to break into. Conditions such as overweight, smoking, work-holism, stress, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and many more result or at least exaggerated from such chronic habits.

Our body along with our mind and spirit is like a car. If it is going to run, once in a while it requires a tune-up, an emotional tune-up. A tune-up so it can run with more energy, enthusiasm, passion and living spirit. Don't we all need that from time to time? And, sometimes we need a complete overhaul or a NEW US.

In this audio course, I would share some powerful techniques with you that will allow you to do just that. You would be able to deprogram your bad or obsolete habits that you would rather not have and reprogram you with better habits that you would love to embrace. It has taken me almost 30 years to develop and understand these techniques. Some of these techniques are so powerful and have capabilities to take humans to all the way to the ultimate wisdom or even enlightenment. While reaching enlightenment is not every one's goal, but almost everyone can use these techniques to distress, deprogram our body, mind and spirit and make it ready for programming at a deeper level for some desirable outcome. Like the programming done to us in our childhood, the programming at the deep quantum level is lasting, effective and efficient.

Let me start out by telling you a little bit about my background. I was born in a small city in India. As a kid, I was very curious and studied pretty much most of the time. While most kids of my age were having fun, I would often be studying. I did not really mind it, I was passionate about knowledge. It allowed me to get good grades and admission in prestigious universities. I came to United States to pursue higher education. My passion to gain knowledge continued to serve me well in schools and I got many degrees like Masters, PhD and MBA. Etc.

After education I accepted positions in the field of applied research. I still continue to pursue product research and development as career. I am currently a VP of research and development at a major corporation and recently celebrated my 15 years with the company.

As I progressed through corporate ranks early on in my carrier, without a doubt, I was getting materially successful and financially very comfortable--- but I found myself unhappy, dissatisfied and wanting even more.

To get more, I worked even harder. My body was starting to show sign of fatigue. Chronic unhappiness had found root in my psyche. I was constantly sick and on medications.

I was in such poor emotional state that I even considered suicide, many times. Not much made sense. My formulae, for what appeared as success in life, were not working. My inner conflict was at paramount. I was in search for meaning of this existence, meaning of myself. Being a science person, I thought I will find answers in science, but decades of search in the scientific literature could not take me closer to any meaningful answers.

By chance, I was introduced to a spiritual master from India known by the name Maharajji, by his followers. The "self-knowledge," was the culmination of Maharaji's teachings. I joined the list of aspirant to receive this knowledge. After a year or so of listening to his discourses, I was given the gift of self-knowledge. Essentially, what I learnt from Maharajji were the techniques to access my inner self.

There is no doubt that just the process of receiving and practicing techniques of self-knowledge did what years of medicine could not do. I started to get better. I reduced my medicine intake significantly and was well on my way to be medicine free.

Unfortunately, I made what I would call as perhaps the worst student of Majaraji. My quest to connect my scientific knowledge to ultimate meaning was so intense that I continued my search, now following Osho, another spiritual master from India. This state of bliss or enlightenment was the principal promise of both Maharaji and Osho's teachings. As I heard hundreds, if not thousands, of discourses from Bhagwan Osho and practiced these techniques my clarity to achieve a state of bliss by the human body had intensified. My mind was receptive to achieving the bliss state of being.

My search, however, continued, as I attempted to combine what I had started calling as "the science of bliss" to my scientific background. I was intrigued by the power of the silence, amazing anchor or the core that existed at the root of all beings. It was almost like turning off the computer and suddenly the computer could be reset. It happened with me. I was able to reset my computer (almost reset!!) several times and remove programs that caused so much pain in my being. I was also able to reprogram myself with some default programs or some desired programs according to my needs. It was truly amazing. Such a power full technology, what could be the root it all? How could all humans experience this power within them selves? I was becoming fascinated by the nature and the mystery of silence which appeared to possess most of these amazing characteristics. I was also learning a lot about my true nature. It was becoming clear to me that my-self had two distinct natures, both very real. One catered for my own self-interest, and the other was selfless or catered for others interest.

What could lead to such opposite nature of self-residing in one body? My search led me to answers, from a surprising source. The answer came from a new, emerging science of quantum information processing that has a potential to combine all science, mysticism, and religion. It provided a clue to explain the dual nature of self as well a new perspective towards the universe we live in. I was truly inspired by all it had to offer; especially I was mesmerized by the concept and nature of quantum bit or quantum information. As I connected decades of my scientific research with spiritual wisdom I had attained, I found myself well on path to write my first book.

It was "Road to Digital Divine". Since this newer understanding rests on digital and informational nature of being and has divine-like qualities, I referred to this as "digital divine." Writing a book was really not my goal. I was after relief, may be some joy or perhaps bliss.

Connecting the informational and computational nature of our universe with latest science of mind and matter and spirituality, I put forth a new concept of our self, the quantum self deeply rooted in the informational nature of our being. As I deepened my mental and experiential knowledge of this self, I realized an amazing law of nature. It is like the ultimate formula to be joyful.

As I understood my true quantum nature and acted accordingly, I was filled with joy pouring from deep within. It became central theme and titles of my second book called "Joy from Deep Within", nature of your true quantum self.

What I realized was the quantum self was extremely open to programming, deprogramming or reprogramming. Of course, to be able to do this programming, one will have to access to what I call as "quantum command center". Why a command center? There are many reasons. First because, it is the same center as ancient aurvedic masters have called "Agya Chakra" that means in English a "Command center". It is one of the most powerful chakras there is. It is an ancient belief that when a practitioner arrives at the core of this center, the whole existence is in his command. I personally would not believe such claims, our goal should be to arrive there for ourselves and see, and know for ourselves if we receive any such powers. Second, because, just like the name suggests, one could program by giving commands to this center. The process is very much like when we were young, any suggestion from our parents or teachers or even friends could become a command, the same is true with your state in this mode. It is truly open for programming or re-programming. The doubt or the judgment disappears. One could program oneself in this mode in a wide variety of manner. For example if you needed to loose weight, you could program yourself to do so. I in fact lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months. If you wanted to learn a new skill, or want to develop a new habit because you want to be successful, you could do that following the programming techniques. I will get into these at a detailed level later in this course.

Another important realization that has a lot of practical value is that just as you can command to reprogram yourself, you can command to erase the limiting or dysfunctional beliefs or fine tuning your already existing programming. As you learn to access your quantum command center, you would realize that you have that power. In order to reach that quantum core of your being, your binary mind becomes very open for change or alterations or you may say deprogramming. In fact without learning to deprogram certain characteristics of the binary self one can't reach the quantum core. So one can truly manage this process and selectively deprogram the undesired programming that has already taken place in your being.

Before we jump into the practical matter, I would like to explain to you some basics that are essential to make these techniques work for you. The first is your own understanding or you may say perspective towards yourself and your place in this universe. Why is this critical? It is because a clear and precise understanding will provide you a firm footing for the process of deprogramming and reprogramming that you desire to bring in your being. How can you get the understanding? Of course, it would greatly help for you to read the two books. But you really don't have to. For many, the content may be too technical. So in the next two CDs or modules, I would teach you the pertinent information from these books that you should know to make these techniques work for you. You should listen to these modules as many times as needed to grasp the underlying concepts. Since these are very powerful life altering experiences, I would suggest you to give yourself plenty of time so you can mentally and experientially grasp the concepts. You will realize that unlike many self help program which promise to bring about behavioral changes instantly or by the touch of a button, I can tell you that this program is not about that instant change or gratification. Instead, it will help you chart out your own path for incredible emotional well being. You will create your own time table. There is no hurry as the results are permanent and the know-how will last you for a life time and you can repeatedly use it and benefit from the teachings and the wisdom. The next 2 CDs (module 2 and module 3) can be heard anywhere you like. While walking, in the car or in the plane, simply hear the content as many times as you can. If you cannot understand everything do not worry, just move on. You may realize that certain pertinent content are repeated; it is done intentionally so some of that understanding can eventually be programmed in your mind. The exercises in these modules should not be listened to while driving a car, walking or in a noisy environment where your focus is distributed. Please find a quite place where you can sit in a comfortable posture and preferably left undisturbed for the duration of the module to enable programming of the mind at the quantum level.

Before you are trained to use the concepts of programming your own self at the quantum level, you must understand several key concepts. The most critical one is the meaning of the word "quantum" itself. I know, today quantum has become a buzz word and many marketers use it in a sense that simply promotes a product or service. In order to embrace true nature of quantum programming, you have to be comfortable with this word and its real meaning. In order to understand the true meaning, I will have to take you on a journey that may sounds like a physics or science lesson. Now some of you may have absolutely hated physics in the past, and may have bad memories from the past. However, I promise that it is not about physics. It is about you and your world. If you show a little patience, even deeper concepts will start becoming clear to you. In reality to benefit from these techniques you really, do not need any background in quantum physics or mathematics or advance science. You just need to allow yourself to understand more about your-self and the world you are a part of. I would be your guide every step of the way. Good Luck and let us get going.

Still Body, Still Mind and Still Soul